Let Go Of Perfection And Do This


Let-Go-Of-Perfection-And-Do-This, Natural Niagara Children's Photography So often we find ourselves chasing after perfection. We want to have the best of everything and to be the flawless one. We are surrounded by to-do lists and magazine headlines telling us what we need to do, what we ought to do, what we have got to do to be perfect.

We are after perfect bodies, perfect hearts and perfect lives.

But yet, you see, this thing we've been told all our lives to chase after isn't real. And that is a truth we need to whisper to our hearts every single day, "perfection isn't real." It just isn't. Not for me and not for you. The pursuit of perfection leaves us exhausted, disappointed and in pain and that is why we have got to let it go.

We have to let go of our need for perfection. We have to let go of our need to be without flaw. Let's leave it where it belongs -- let's leave it in the dust.

So what is that thing we do instead? If we are not pursuing perfection, what are we after? I think we chase purpose.

We open up our hearts wide to being alive and to being present; to have so many moments that leave us breath, we've simply lost count. We take risks and step out in doing the things that we love and dream bigger than we imagined possible and show up for people as they are put in our lives. We remember that we were divinely created with a dream in mind and that dream becomes more alive the more we look we His eyes. We love people, we give generously, we stand tall with confidence.

Maybe life wasn't made to be tidy and placed in boxes labelled with what we think this life is supposed to look like. Maybe life was made to be messy like finger-painting on the back porch, baking cupcakes or throwing water balloons on a hot summer day.

What if life wasn't meant to be contained, but slipping and overflowing and dancing over the edges like the gift that it is?