Baby, You Will Always Have A Home In Us


Baby, you will always have a home in us.

Sometimes we think of home as furniture assembled and a fixed address but most often, home is found in the hearts of those whom we love. And you'll always have a home in ours. From the minute we heard of your coming, we carved it out for you. The moment you arrived and we met face to face, that space for you only began to grow inside of us. And sometimes I wonder if it'll ever stop growing.

Because baby, you occupy some of the biggest places inside my heart.

And when you experience life, when hard days come, when you wonder if you have what it takes, when you feel afraid, remember that you have a home with us. You have a place where you can just be. You have a spot where you can remember that being you was always the greatest gift of all.

Watching you grow is the delight of our lives and experiencing you as you begin to discover life, discover yourself and discover people is a worthy adventure.

No matter how many times you go out, you can always come back. Baby, this is home.

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