Hey, Mama...There's beauty in your chaos. Lifestyle photography that allows you to pause and enjoy what's most important to you.

Hey, Mama...


Baby photography that allows you to pause and enjoy what's most important to you.

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You want to document your precious little one in photographs.

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But life is chaotic. It can get stressful. Sometimes even overwhelming. You should be able to enjoy this life you chose.

A photograph reminds you. It reminds you to pause. Reminds you of what matters. Reminds you to breathe. Reminds you to enjoy.

Because this moment, right here, right now. This is meaningful to you. Sure, it's chaotic. But that's ok because there's beauty in your chaos. 

I'm Karen Byker, a professional photographer since 2005. Allow me to take the reins and capture stunning images of your little one.


"Karen was so welcoming and her studio was absolutely beautiful. I love how personal she is and how casual her photography style is. She captured us in the moment as a new little family and we have keepsakes of this special time to cherish always." -Amanda Moore



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Our stylist Christine will come to visit you in your home and assist you in choosing your clothing pieces. You'll also have complete access to the studio wardrobe.

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We'll meet in the studio or at our beach/park location for our 1-2 hour portrait session. I'll bring everything we need, and we'll have a wonderful time together.

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I'll invite you back to the studio to see your images for the first time. You can hold our heirloom albums in your hands, enjoy our wall art options and order your products.

Your weekday portrait session is $250.
Portrait collections begin at $750 and include up to 100 digital image files.
For more information, please contact me.


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