5 Awesome Places In Your Home To Photograph Your Children

When it comes to photographing in your home, there are endless possibilities. Every room has it's own unique qualities and unless there are no windows at all, you can utilize the natural light in those spaces.

I enjoy looking back at images from my childhood and remembering the 70's carpet on the walls and how much fun we had in the unfinished basement. Not every room needs to be photo ready in order to make and keep these memories in photographs. When you're taking photos at home, there's no need to clean up. You can choose to use a wide aperture and let your backgrounds blur, or embrace the mess. Both are beautiful in the own way. Here are a few of my favourite locations for photos of my kids throughout the years.

Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is the perfect place for portraits because you can easily get your kids involved in doing something that helps them forget the camera is there. Whether it be eating a cookie, drinking from a sippy cup, baking cupcakes, or playing a board game, you'll get images that look very much like them and how they are, every day.

Your Bathroom

Photos in the bathroom, just doing every day things, are so adorable. Brushing their teeth, in the bubble bath, standing on the stool in order to reach the sink, watching mom and dad get ready to go, it's so neat to see them grow through these images.

Near A Window

Everyone has a natural light source in their home, whether it be a window or a door. Bring your child into that light, at different times of the day.  See how the light falls onto them and enjoy!

Baby's Nursery

The place where you and your little one spend a great deal of time, rocking in the rocking chair and napping in daylight. Imagine how amazing it would be to remember those little things like what your mobile looked like, and the bedding on your bed. These precious moments of calm and quiet are so meaningful and enjoyable. You're both going to want to re-live them.

Your Backyard

There is SO much beauty in the every day. Here I've just followed my Lily around the backyard during our regular outside playtime. It was full sun, but I embraced it and did the best with the light we had.  A few things I love about being outdoors-the wind, the excitement, the ability for them to just play, play, play.