7 Ways To Create Calm In Your Life

Hey mama, I know that there are some days where life feels so hectic and you hardly get time to sit down. I know that sometimes all your kids start talking to you all at the same time and you aren’t really catching half of the words. I know that sometimes it feels frantic, like you have all this chaos going on around you and you just long for a sense of calm.

The good news is that I believe you can create little things in your life to give you a greater sense of calm and more peace. So, let’s get to it with some suggestions. You’re worthy of peace.

  1. Take a Deep Breath. When you can think of it, take a few minutes and take a deep breath. Feel it fill your lungs and feel it release. Close your eyes and remind yourself that life is a gift as you feel that new breath fill you. Even set up reminders on your phone to take a deep breath!
  2. Get Grateful. Make a small list in your head or on the back of a receipt, a napkin, a journal – anything! List 5-10 things you’re thankful in that moment or from that day. Think about the gifts that are in your present life and remember them, thank God for them. Make this a practice and guaranteed, you’ll start seeing gifts everywhere.
  3. Say No. You don’t have to do everything all the time. Be kind with yourself and know that you don’t have to say yes to every commitment or every invitation. The freedom is yours to pick and choose and do the ones that you and your family value.
  4. Exercise. There is something about moving our body that can really bring more peace to our minds and calm to our hearts. Whether it is yoga, Pilates, dancing, working out at the gym or running around with your kids — you can make space in your schedule to move your body. (Drop-in on a yoga class in our area)
  5. Eat. Make sure you’re eating. Get those snacks in there. Grab that apple or some nuts or some type of food that gives you a boost of energy and nourish yourself. Take care of yourself.
  6. Get up early. Go to bed on time at night so that you can get up early before your kids wake up and have some time just for yourself, do it. Make it a priority.
  7. Pray. There is so much peace that comes in being connected to God. He brings peace that goes way beyond our understanding and He can fill you with everything you need.

Peace and calm don’t have to be a rarity, they can be every-day! Be creative about how to implement them in a way that works for you.

Hi there, I'm Karen Byker from Grimsby, Ontario, Canada. I'm obsessed with newborn baby yawns, giggling kids and fancy flavoured tea.

I'm a mother of four that understands the overwhelm of the every day, but I've learned how to embrace and enjoy the beauty of it. I believe we should be able to enjoy this life we chose.

I've been a professional photographer since 2005. I've helped hundreds of mamas to slow down, pause and use photography as a reminder to take a breath.

I'd love to talk with you about documenting the beauty through your chaos. Let's chat!


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