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Why It's Important To Book Your Shoot Early

Today I received a call from a lovely mama of a 7 day old little one.  She just had her baby last week and I’m unable to accommodate her session here in the studio. It’s so sad when this happens. Whether I can fit a newborn in on short notice is different every day. Sometimes babies arrive early and sometimes late. I encourage you to…

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There’s Something Beautiful About New Life

New life is so amazing. There is something beautiful about bringing a small human into this world. There is something beautiful about having your heart outside your body in the form of a newborn baby. There is something so beautiful about new life, and it deserves a celebration. Whether you’ve delivered many children before or it’s…

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To Those Who Inspire Us And Don't Even Know It

Let’s face it, we’ve all been critical of who we are. It is hard sometimes to feel confident if you are living in chaos. Some female entrepreneurs are balancing young families and careers we love. Some are just trying to get through each day making the people around us happy. There isn’t usually time for ourselves. We don't make getting our…

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