A Christmas Reminder

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It is Christmas.

There is a magic and a miracle to this season. That amidst Santa, brightly coloured lights, sugary cookies and nativity scenes, there is this magic and this miracle. And sometimes it is almost like if you let your life get too chaotic or even too noisy, you might miss it. You might miss the wonder and the divinity of it all.

You that feeling you used to get at Christmas, you know when you were just a kid, that one. That feeling that got into the pit of your stomach that made the days seem endless until that bright and anticipated morning where it indeed was Christmas.

And how everything seemed so full of wonder, as if every moment was packed with joy and sparkle. Like as if each day was a gift to unwrap and an array of beauty that you just had to soak in. And that there was still shock and surprise at the splendour.

I miss that and I have been wanting to invite some of that back this year.

That sometimes I would just sit back and soak in the splendour of the season. That joy that starts to collect in peoples hearts like candy. That excitement that is bursting in the eyes of every little kid. That love that was displayed by heaven that we get to celebrate with such worship.

And to know, that this Christmas season, God literally handed me the biggest gift He ever could in His Son. And that when I look and think on that, I would have such wonder as if unwrapping it for the very first time.

That the way He came was not high or lofty. It was not with neon lights and fireworks announcing His arrival. He did not have a camera crew following His every move. But He came almost hidden, almost unseen.

He came simply. He came small.

And that He just came. Even when everything tried to keep Him from coming, He still came.

And that even coming into Christmas, we carry our stuff. We carry the heartaches and the things we think  no one sees. And it is like, you can almost hear Him whispering in the wind, “That stuff won’t keep Me from coming either. Keep Me from coming to you.”

Nothing is too small, too simple, unseen.

And this Christmas, as you sit down and exchange gifts or go to a candlelight service or eat a big dinner with your kids, know that He is with you.

Know that nothing can keep Him out. Never has and never will.

And that if He bended so low to come to the earth as just a babe, still He bends low to hear the very beating of your heart.

To tell you that you belong.

To take you by the hand and tell you He loves you.

Because He does. And He will. And He’s here.

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And here are my little ones, Lily, Hudson, Henry and our not-so-little puppy Ben. He's an Old English Sheepdog and we just love him to pieces! He even has his own Instagram page! :)