A Reason To Smile

They say you sound more friendly on the phone if you smile when you answer, and that you’re more approachable with a smile.

In today’s world, it is so easy to rush, reaching to cross the next thing off the checklist that it is easy to forget the little things. It is so easy to even forget the joy of a smile.

When you’re with your kids, when your husband comes home from a long day, when you feel frustrated, when nothing seems to be going right; just try to smile.

There have been times where I get down on my knees, pray for patience and it always comes. There is always a reason to take that deep breath, let it all out, and smile.

Danielle, her son Kaiden and her caregiver Anna are like that. When I was photographing them, there was so much laughter and joy, so much love and I could just tell that they genuinely like each other as people. They're happy to be here, on this earth, together.

This life is a gift you’ve been given and there are thousands of beautiful reasons to have joy.