The Moment You Find Out You're Pregnant


There is no moment that carries the type of joy like the one where you find out you're expecting. It is like this wild mixture of awe, anticipation and celebration that starts in the heart and ends in the cheeks with a smile and even tears of joy.

It is this moment that has been dreamt about for far too long for some people and for others, it is a moment that doctors said would never happen. Whether it is expected or unexpected, it is a moment where life collides on the inside.

It is almost as if you suddenly realize that life is happening within your belly. You think of all that is to come. You think of the memories to be had, the processes to be embraced and the getting-ready that will happen. You think of first names and middle names and whether it will be a boy or a girl. You think of just how loved this little one will be. Maybe your heart flutters at the thought of seeing them for the first time.

And that moment where you tell your husband for the first time? Unforgettable. Where you tell your parents they'll be grandparents? Amazing. Where you tell your friends who has been praying for you for so long? Breathless.

Isn't it true that sometimes we see just how beautiful something is in the emotional responses of other people? We find ourselves in the laughter and tears and hope and joy of our family and friends.

And guaranteed, in that initial moment, you feel bliss. As you move towards delivery, maybe you get nervous or feel fear or wondered if you'll ever be a good mom. I think we all do. And that isn't something that just ends when the baby comes; that is truly the journey of the life.

Learning about your little one for the very first time fluttering around in your belly is a moment to be remember.

It is one where we feel like God breathed one of His biggest gifts into us.