Meet Jessica, Dan & Baby Braxton


The colour and freshness of this session gets me every time.  It's so light and airy feeling, and it was a beautiful evening for photography.

Jessica is from Grimsby, Dan is from St. Catharines.  She moved to St. Catharines for school, and met her handsome husband Dan there, got engaged and moved to Grimsby to start their family. They have one breath taking child, Braxton.

They met through a mutual friend. Jess was not interested in Dan- and it took him three tries to get her attention, but eventually his persistence paid off and they struck up a conversation.  The rest is history.

Braxton has the best parts of both his parents.  He has long eyelashes just like they do, one cheek dimple like Dan, a cute little "bum" chin like his mama.  He also loves to dance just like she does.

If they could wish one thing for Braxton it would be complete happiness.  They really don't want anything to get in the way of his happiness.  It's their hope that he doesn't choose to follow the crowd, but to be his own person instead.  No matter what happens, to always know that his parents have his back and love him so much!

He wasn't expecting the feel of the grass on his tiny toes.  xo

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