Benny The Sheepdog - Our New Addition

It's impossible to look through the images in this post and not smile. It's a fact - Old English Sheepdog puppies are adorable. I believe a well behaved dog can absolutely improve family life.

My youngest child is 7 years old. My kids don't need help with as much as they used to. It seemed like a great time to introduce a gentle puppy into the mix.

It's been proven that having a pet can improve our self esteem, help us get more exercise, and decrease feelings of loneliness, negativity and stress. Ben has brought our family closer together. We teach him, feed him, walk him, cuddle him, and we'll attend puppy school together. I'm sure my children will learn a ton of life lessons along the way.

Have you ever noticed that people with friendly pets can't walk down the street without someone stopping them to ask if they can pet their fur-baby? Having a pet can draw others to us as well, helping us make some new friends.

Why did we choose an Old English Sheepdog? My husband had a wonderful experience with one growing up, and I've wanted one for years. They're known to be gentle, calm, and of course, incredibly cute. They're also messy, need a lot of attention and require tons of personal grooming. I think it's totally worth it though. :)

If you want to see more of little Benny you can follow him on Instagram. Yes, I made him an Instagram page, stop judging me. lol

Every day we choose how we spend our time. I choose to spend it smiling and laughing, thinking optimistically and just taking one step in front of the other with my new canine friend, Ben. xo