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Mama, It's Your Voice

Mama, I could know your voice anywhere. Night and day, I have heard your whispers and your singing and your tears and the way that you would hold your belly just so and talk to me. Mom, do you know that I loved it when you told me stories?  And do you know that when you tell me you love me that I feel it pull at my heart inside my little chest? And do you know that your voice makes me feel…

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My Favourite Thing to Capture in a Session

When I get to work with parents, a family or siblings to capture images of them, the first and my favourite thing to look for is their connection. It is connection that not only makes an image stand out, but it is also is the very substance of our lives. Without connection, we are left hungry and wanting, but with connection, we are left satisfied and fulfilled…

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Thank You For An Amazing 2018!

What an amazing 2018! A very special THANK YOU to all of the amazing people who trust me with their family photography, documenting their children as they grow. Here's a little slideshow of our best images from this year, can't wait to make more memories in 2019! We’ve had a TON of super happy clients this year, and you’ll find their…

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