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Five Ways To Stay Creative

You and I were designed by the hands of the creator of heaven and earth. And He took the time to craft every single detail of our lives and breathe the most holy of breaths into our lungs. He is the One who paints the skies and can be found even in the syllables of the wind and the rain. In every moment, He is creating something. Even beyond what…

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Baby, Never Doubt Your Worth

Baby, you are and always will be my child. Baby, you are different from everyone else but different is not such a bad thing. Baby, you are so unique. Baby, you are so strong. Baby, if you ever have days when you feel like giving up know that I am here to help you. Baby, if you ever have days that you feel are the best ones know that…

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To Be Loved Is To Be Free

To be loved is to be free.  Remember when you were a child and you felt so very free?  Where you thought that if you jumped off the table, you could soar? And if you walked into a room, you were authentically yourself, without a care in the world. You were completely confident that you were loved. Let’s get back to that place today…

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