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Thank You For An Amazing 2018!

What an amazing 2018! A very special THANK YOU to all of the amazing people who trust me with their family photography, documenting their children as they grow. Here's a little slideshow of our best images from this year, can't wait to make more memories in 2019! We’ve had a TON of super happy clients this year, and you’ll find their…

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You Are A Dream Come True

When I officially found out you were a boy, I already knew. I could tell by the way you moved in my belly just so, sometimes it was almost like you just jumped. In a way I cannot explain, it was like I already knew you. Like I had met you before, maybe in my dreams, maybe in heaven. Like I had already held you…

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This Is What Children Can Teach You

There’s so much we can learn from children. Kids can be our biggest teachers if we have enough humility just to say yes. As much as we know all that we know through life experience, there are almost some things it would be good to unlearn. There are some things we know, that it would almost be better if…

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