The Value of Memories

What is the value of your memories? Can you put a price on the moments that define your life? You cannot. Luckily, as human beings, we have an incredible gift. The gift of memory. Certain memories stick with us more than others. Other memories are triggered by smells or sounds. But as the time passes, our memories fade. The details may be lost but there is an eternal hope that the memory never dies.

Certain life moments rise to the occasion of having the moments forever preserved by a professional photographer. Engagements, weddings, pregnancy, new babies, and yearly documentation of the ever changing look of your family. Almost anyone can take a photograph. Reflections of Life Photography, however, is not in the business of simply taking a photograph. We want to do more for our clients. We strive to capture emotions and authentic moments. We are in the business of preserving details so your memories will always be complete.

Karen and Rob came to Reflections of Life Photography with their 3 week old newborn, Nicholas, after going to a place in the business of taking photographs. Karen and Rob were not happy with the results of that session They wanted more than just photographs of their new baby. After some research, Karen and Rob came to our studio with their precious Nicholas. Despite being older than my normal newborn of 5 to 7 days, we were able to capture the newborn essence of Nicholas. All of the fresh and tiny details from the tiny eyelashes to the cracked lips. We also captured the love and elation Karen and Rob have for their amazing gift, Nicholas.

I am so happy that Karen and Rob came across Reflections of Life Photography in their search for something more. My time with them was so much more than preserving their memories. It was creating my own memories. I am so thankful for clients who value our work, and for clients who instantly feel like friends.