15 Creative Ways to Laugh More


You know those moments where you laugh so hard, it almost becomes silent? Like joy is a fountain inside of you that cannot be contained and something has hit you in a way that just leaves you giggling? Notice how you feel after that and how full of life and goodness you feel?

That's a good thing. Laughter is such a good thing. It is healing and hope for so many of us.

We can put things in our lives to create more joy and laughter as we make it a priority. You don't have to wait for something to be funny or make you laugh, but you can create a life that makes room for it. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  1. Spend time with people that you think are so funny.

  2. Watch a movie or television show you know will get you laughing.

  3. Tell your funny stories.

  4. Make silly faces with your kids.

  5. Start fake laughing and you'll start really laughing!

  6. Create a Pinterest board of things that make you chuckle.

  7. Hang out with your children.

  8. Do something creative (like finger painting!)

  9. Dance like no one is watching!

  10. Do something silly like rolling down a hill or talking in an accent.

  11. Start a gratitude journal. See the funny and light things even in the hard stuff.

  12. Get on YouTube and find videos that make you smile.

  13. Don't take yourself so seriously.

  14. Start with a smile.

  15. Talk it out. It helps us to laugh ourselves.

Find joy. Make room for it. Watch life feel more full.