Making Time for Your Family When You Feel Like You Have No Time At All


Over the past year I've learned so much.  I've expanded my business by adding employees, increased my love of guitar and singing by listening and practicing, read many books about self care, business, parenting and done various bible studies.  I've also seen friends fail in their careers, said good bye to old friendships and lost family members that I loved dearly.  If there's one thing I want to do differently this year, one thing that I learned, it's making time for those things that are really important.

For all of us, we know that there is so much that fills our days and so many things that demand our attention. It becomes like this juggling act to see if we can get it all done and make it all happen without anything dropping to the floor. We have all been there and I think there is grace to cover us in the midst of that.

Sometimes the question that we all do feel at different points in the journey is, 'how do I make time for my family?' when I feel like time is running out. Not just a moment here or there, but good and quality time where everyone feels like their soul just got filled up a little more.

That can feel like it is hard to come by, that can feel difficult to manage. But the one thing that I think it comes down to is connection. It is not even about how many plans there are and how many minutes are spent, but it is more about the quality of connection that happens in the moments so that each person is felt loved and seen.

So, how do you build connection in moments? Maybe through eye contact, hugs that last longer than twenty seconds, questions that aren't used for information but for intimacy, physical touch or finding out how each member of the family receives love and giving it to them in a lavish way. It is about seeing people right where they are and loving them, allowing yourself to be fully present with them wherever they are.

And some days, maybe that will be a fully planned out day with all the bells and whistles but other days that might just be good long hug. Having grace on yourself to see both those situations as just so good is incredibly important.

A moment of connection can create what pages of to-do lists never could. Intimacy.