Meet David, Susan, Abigail & Mackenzie


David is originally from Winnipeg and Susan is from Windsor. They have two children, Abigail and Mackenzie who are identical twins. They just started JK in September. Dave works as an accounting clerk at a construction company and Susan works as the Manager of Quality Initiatives at two City of Hamilton long term care homes.

Dave and Susan met as students at the University of Manitoba. Dave has no memory of their first meeting at all,  but they had mutual friends and got to know each other that way. She says that she guesses she made no impression on him. :) Susan didn't realize he was very shy and couldn't figure out why he didn't even say hi when they met.

Abigail absolutely loves music and is always singing.  She likes for everyone to be happy and is always trying to make people laugh. Mackenzie marches to her own drum.  You can always count on having a very interesting and deep discussion with her.

Susan and Dave with that the girls always stay the happy girls they are, and that they continue to be who they are.