The Joy in Knowing You


From the first moment that I found out that you were being formed in my womb and that God Himself had breathed life into you, I wondered what you'd be like.

Would you be funny and playful or serious and intense? Would you fill up a room with your presence or would you be soft-spoken and kind? Would you dream of becoming a doctor or dream of becoming an artist? Would your laugh be like a sweet giggle or would it sound like it comes from the very bottom of your belly?

I wondered and dreamt about you even in your detail. I never knew it was possible to be so in love with one you've never met until I had you.

And as soon as I met you and they laid your body upon my chest, it began the journey of discovering the joy it is to know you; the beauty of finding out exactly who you are and who God created you to be. And it is my ever-unfolding joy.

It is the joy in watching you light up over something you love. It is the joy in seeing you use your voice. It is the joy in hearing your infectious laugh. It is the joy in seeing you dream big. It is the joy in watching your courage come out and play.

It is the joy of knowing you, of seeing you, and of celebrating you.

You are the most beautiful of surprises and my greatest delight.