What Does Family Mean?


Family is everything.  The ones whom we love and get to wake up with everyday, the ones that know our potential and our scars, the ones we first turn to -- they're so important, so valued, so treasured to each of us. The time and heart we invest in being with our family is what causes each heart to feel more loved and cared for. There is a joy that happens when we are with those we love. It is the joy of being together. Doesn't matter what we're doing, doesn't matter the time or the day;  it is being in the same room that makes us feel safe, known and secure.

It is an incredible thing to know that you will always have someone who will be there through thick and thin never leaving you to handle life on your own. Having those we can trust to guide us, to hold us, to laugh with is a greater gift than any bank account could hold.

And the beautiful thing is, that even when there are days where we argue, where we don't get along, where we feel irritated, where things simply seem hard; family doesn't give up when it gets tough, family is in it for the lifetime.

Cherish these ones. Love these ones. Hold them a little tighter, linger a little longer.

They are the gift to our hearts.