Why Connection is the Greatest Gift We Can Give Our Family


Human touch. The wrapping of one’s arms around another. The snuggling of crawling into home. Eyes that make contact with your own. Fully present and engaged hearts. Questions asked where the answers are more important than the inquiry.

Connection is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and we can give one another.

Because it is deeper than words exchanged or subtle moments, it is this knowing that we are not alone in the world but we are deeply understood and completely surrounded. We live in an age where there is so much connection available, but so many of us are left yearning for true, genuine and heart-fuelled connection.

Not the kind you get from a wifi signal, but the kind you get when two people are fully present with one another.

And the temptation can always be to check-out or to be only half here. It can be easy to turn off our brains or close out our hearts for the day and just survive through the moments. Sometimes we are tired, unhappy or sad. Sometimes we don’t want to give our everything to those we love.

But over time, I’ve noticed that the people who need our connection the most aren’t the strangers we meet, but the people who live in our very arms and our very homes. Have you ever noticed how we can give full connection to the person who walks through our doors but our family might not get that same quality of connection?

The people in our lives and our homes need us. Not the shells of us, but us.

It is not about running our wheels hard to make ourselves be present one hundred percent of the time, but it is about choosing to make connection a priority. To commit ourselves to times and spaces where it can be just about loving the people right in front of us.

These are the moments that count. These are the people that matter.