Did You Know Your Smile Lights Up The Room?

baby boy sitting in an antique white high chair smiling at the camera.jpg

Your Joy Is Indescribable

The way that your lips curve just so and how your giggle fills your face. Your joy is unbelievable.

I have watched you bring joy to a room. In everywhere you go and every place you occupy, you bring laughter and you bring hope. Little one, you’ve started melting hearts and they haven’t even heard your voice or listened to your song, yet.

In the grocery store, at playdates, in the living room on the big comfy sofa, in your daddy's arms, my boy you light up a room. You light up a room simply with your smile.

Never forget that.

Because seasons will change and people will go and time will go fast and then it will go slow, but joy remains forever. Joy is the thing that doesn’t empty or quit when the day gets hard. Joy is what will sustain you. In that moment when you find gifts, when you tell a joke, when you laugh harder than anyone else, when you remember why you’re here — that joy is sustenance, that joy is life.

Baby boy, you won’t have to try hard for it either. You can just open up your arms, your heart wide and receive. You can take all that you want and you can give it all away for free.

Joy is yours baby boy. Joy will always be yours.

About This Baby Session

Cassandra contacted me because she really wanted to capture her son Sebastian's six month milestone in photographs. He's already sitting on his own, and he has the most adorable curly hair!

Their favourite thing to do together is cuddle, and we definitely captured that too!

This little family has signed up for our membership, so stay tuned for their family photos this fall and we can watch Sebastian grow together. xo

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