Dream Big Dreams

My Hopes For You, Little One

Baby, may you dream big dreams.

May you dream the kind of dreams that make your heart feel completely alive. May you dream not what they told you to dream and not what you feel like you should, but dream about that thing that your soul just cannot seem to shake. There will be so many people demanding you to be so many things, but baby you are so powerful and incredible just as you are.

Write that on your heart. You are a genius when you are yourself.

May you dream not of what the world is but what the world could be. Dream of what people could do together, what people could be together. Dream for your day, for your family, for your generation, for anything and everything that you set your hand to.

Because baby, when you dream, you create. So much of this life is about consuming, but when you create, whether you paint with your words, your heart or a brush, you build something. You bring beauty to the world. You set something into motion that maybe never would have been.

You are brave and you are incredible. You are filled to the overflow with all that you need to not only dream big, but to live out those incredible dreams. Courage and bravery lives inside of you. Creativity and innovation are your friends. Freedom and risk make their way into your heart. Don’t let doubt settle in your soul, because the thing that makes you so alive is your hope; your hope for a better something, your hope for a braver planet.

No matter where you go, no matter what you do — this I know is true of you; you will do life so well.

Baby, dream big. Because big dreams move the world.

About This Niagara Newborn Session

Welcome to the world, Austin James. Austin's mama, Melissa, really wanted him to be a part of the A Star Is Born program, a newborn photography program that I run with the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital here in Grimsby, Ontario.

He was 13 days old on the day of his newborn session and he slept wonderfully.

It amazes me how each baby is so different. Some content while wakeful, some sleeping the day away. Either way they're adorable and they just make the cutest sounds ever. xo