Everything Is Brand New

The other day, I held the sweetest newborn in my arms. It made me think. It is a beautiful and brave season to be newly born. You’ve entered the world and everything, literally everything, is brand new.

Your entire life story is unwritten. It is completely for the seizing and the revealing; who you’ll be, what you’ll do, where you’ll go is undecided. It is to be written. The possibility of that is beautiful.

Sometimes we look at newborns and we’re so enthralled and delighted with them. We want to hold them close and care for then, But sometimes when I am holding them, their fingers wrapped around my own, I like to dream.

I like to imagine the possibility and the potential. I like to imagine the kinds of stories they could write, art they could create, things they could innovate, companies they could start, kids they could one day love. I like to imagine how they might fall in love maybe with a person, maybe with a country, maybe with a project. I like to imagine whether they’ll like chocolate chip cookies or cupcakes more, whether they’ll be outgoing or shy, whether they’ll love to cuddle up at home or spend days pursuing adventure.

I like to imagine the dreams they might dream up and as I look into their eyes, I wonder if they’ll remember every single day just how loved they are.

I hope they do. I pray they do. That they know their loved and precious, that they dream bigger than they think possible, that they experience all the goodness that life has to offer.


"Karen was an absolute pleasure to work with! We had newborn photos done for our son, with some of my husband and I. She was very calming and nurturing with our little guy (you could tell she's done this a few times!!) Our photos truly captured how we are as a family - fun! They are beyond gorgeous and we cannot wait to have some hanging in our home. We would definitely Karen and Reflections of Life to anyone!" - Lianne Waite