My Favourite Thing to Capture in a Session

When I get to work with parents, a family or siblings to capture images of them, the first and my favourite thing to look for is their connection. It is connection that not only makes an image stand out, but it is also is the very substance of our lives. Without connection, we are left hungry and wanting, but with connection, we are left satisfied and fulfilled.

There is this look that comes in the eyes of a husband when he sees his wife; it as if he has never loved anyone as much as this. There is this sneaky look that comes on the face of a little brother as he tackles his sister to the ground. There is this sweet adoration that is seen in the presence of a mom with her newborn. There is that wonder-eyed and deep love spoken out of the lungs of a babe. There is nothing like watching the connection between a family unfold.

And the connection is different from each one, it is unique to each family and to each bond. Your connection won't look like mine and that's what makes them beautiful.

Because in our families are deep seats of history and conversation and memories and questions. There are seasons that have been walked through, but most of all, there is a love that has endured, a love that still stands tall. It is like you can almost just listen in and lean into it. It is an unfolding of a story of those who have felt the storms of life and haven't let go of one another.

Isn't that beautiful? Isn't that something deserving of being captured?

Connection; it is the very breath that beats in each photo session and each frame.