Use Your Images Around Your Home


You have invested the time, energy and money to have beautiful images of your family and children created. The connection, joy and beauty of those who you love most has been captured and celebrated on film so that you can hold onto them forever. Once you receive those images, what do you do with them? They don't deserve to just stay on your computer or social media, they deserve to be something you can hold in your hands and see with your eyes every single day.

Having images of your children and family is more than just a thing to do and knock off the 'I-should-do-that' list, it is a decision to celebrate the love you have for each child, each life and each one you kiss goodnight.

When you take your images and place them on your walls, you speak a message to your children of just how deeply proud you are to know them; that they are so very loved. It is a visual reminder to your children every single day of how important they are to you and it truly pulls out confidence in your kids when they see just how deserving of belonging and celebration they are.

You know that feeling when you walk by a photo of someone you love and sometimes you just linger a little and remember or it just brings such joy to your heart? There is such feeling that is evoked when we display artwork with those we love in our homes. It creates a feeling of home, love and belonging in your spaces more than any paint colour or any piece of furniture.

Using your images to create artwork in your home is a gift for your space, for your children and for your heart.

You want to create artwork out of your images that are the proper size that you don't have to squint to see the one you love and make out their details. When you hang it, you want the artwork to be at your eye level, so you can truly enjoy it and connect with them. Each detail of the artwork including the frame and the colours of the room are things you want to consider to create a focal point that work super well with your space.

When you come to sit down and order with me in my studio, I will show you your images to scale on your walls so you can see how it will look and get a feel for it. Easy and accessible.

Let's chat about creating artwork with your images that will make you smile from corner to corner every single day.