Niagara Region Newborn Photographer

During pregnancy, your body is home to your precious baby. Your body protects, nourishes and embraces unconditionally as you breathe life into a new being. Under your heart is where your little one grows, sleeps, and plays for 9 months. The sound and feeling of your heart beating soothes her. It brings her peace and happiness.

So it is only natural that once your newborn makes her grand entrance that her favorite place is in your arms. Because, in your arms, she is closest to your heart. She can feel each beat, and it brings her familiarity in a strange new world. It feels like home.

Sweet Ayla came to visit me at my Grimsby studio for her newborn session.While working with her, Ayla was a bit fussy and did not want to settle. Often, with a restless newborn, wrapping or swaddling helps them to fall asleep. Miss Ayla was not going to fall for my tricks. So, when her restlessness did not pass, we decided to work in the only place that soothed and comforted sweet Ayla - in her mother's arms. I am so glad we did because they are some of my favorite images from the session. While the focus is on Ayla, you can still feel the love and protection knowing that she is safe in her mother's arms. I strive to make my newborn portraits as natural as possible with less rigid posing, and there is not a prop in the world more natural than the arms of the newborn's mother.