Happiness. It is what this life is all about. To be happy and to make those around us happy. When we are happy, it is easy to make those around us happy.

Babies are the best spreaders of happiness. It is hard not to be happy when you have a big toothy grin looking at you. A baby's pride in his new accomplishments and sense of wonder in new discoveries brings a smile to any face lucky enough to witness it. 

Malcolm recently came to the Reflections of Life Studio for his one year session. Malcolm is such a happy baby. So happy, in fact, that one of his favorite songs is Uptown Funk by Pharrell Williams. He loved to clap his hands and dance when we played the song. His joy and laughter brought me so much happiness, and continues to do so when I look at the images.

It is also clear from the images that Malcolm brings his beautiful mama a world of joy and happiness. We had a wonderful session together capturing Malcolm's joy, and Ashleigh's love for her baby boy. And, Malcolm's love for his mama. At the end of the session, he took the most adorable, wobbly steps across the room to his mama. He could not wait to be in her arms again. I loved seeing and capturing that moment - it made me happy.