Looking Up


When you have a big brother, you spend a lot of time looking up. After all, for a long time he towers over your. Especially when he is five years older than you. But even at 1 year of age, Weston already looks up to his brother Anderson far beyond the literal sense. Weston is interested in everything that Anderson does. Anderson throws rocks into Lake Ontario, Weston wants to try. The wonder that filled Weston's face as he did just that was so fun to see. As if he realized that he can do what Anderson does. 

Perhaps even more amazing to witness is Anderson's love and patience towards his baby brother. He wants to help and show Weston new things. Anderson is a delightful little boy who is very in tune with the people around him. He is kind and empathetic. He cares deeply about others. He is just the kind of boy that you would want a younger brother to look up to throughout life.

While time will tell whether Weston will always literally look up to his older brother Anderson, one thing is certain. Weston will always have a role model, confidante and friend in Anderson. I can only imagine the comfort and joy that brings to their parents Stacy and Clint. I look forward to seeing these boys grow up together through the years.