The Laughter that Binds Us


The family who laughs together, loves together. With laughter comes love and with love comes laughter. I want to capture your family full of laughter and love. Real moments and connections are what I want you to see when you look back at your images over the years.

This wonderful family is one that I have been friends with, and photographing, for years. Jody and Dan have done an amazing job raising three wonderful children. Their son, Taylor, is 16 now and has just started driving. He is a great big brother and role model to his two younger sisters, Rachel and Brooke. Of course Rachel and Brooke adore their big brother, and they're also the best of friends. I can tell they'll always be close.  One thing the entire family has in common is an infectious love of life and laughter.

I love looking back through their galleries and seeing how much their children have grown and changed over the years.  I am so thankful that this family, these friends, traveled in from Cambridge, Ontario and invited me in to capture the laughter that binds them.