There You'll Be


I have been lucky enough to be working with this family since big brother Kaden was a newborn. He is now 2 years old, and has a very important new role. He is the big brother to opinionated little Kaia Katarina.

Kaden is already a wonderfully sweet and gentle brother to Kaia. He loves her so, and was happy to hold her and kiss her. I can tell you from experience that this is not true with all two year old new siblings. But Kaden is a natural. At just two years of age, he is already there for Kaia.

Kaia, though just a newborn, has a very strong personality. She would rather be awake than sleeping, studying everything around her. Her strong personality will take her far in life, and she will be whatever she dreams to be. 

I know that whatever Kaia dreams, her big brother Kaden will be there for her. Offering guidance, support and love just as he has done from the very first moments of Kaia's life. I look forward to watching Kaden and Kaia's relationship grow over the years, just as they will.