With All My Heart


With pregnancy comes a wide range of emotion. Excitement, anticipation, nervousness, hope and joy. Most of all it bring with it the feeling of a love like no other. It is a love that has no bounds, and a love that cannot be broken. Without ever laying your eyes on your tiny new love, you already know that he is the most beautiful thing you will ever see. Without ever holding her in your arms, you know that the moment you do will be among the happiest of your life. You may not fully understand the capacity of this new love but in that moment when you first hold him against your heart, it will all make sense. Because, from the moment you knew he existed, you loved him with all your heart.

Cynthia has been a client of mine since her first born's newborn session. I photographed Gray as a newborn and when he was about 8 months old for a baby milestone session. As Cynthia was approaching the end of her second pregnancy, like many moms-to-be, she was feeling tired and swollen and not very camera ready. But after some time well spent with our makeup artist, Christine, and picking some pieces from the Reflections of Life studio wardrobe, Cynthia was ready, and she was beautiful. Together, we had a wonderful session capturing all the emotions that come along with pregnancy. Through the images, you can feel that Cynthia already loves this baby with all her heart.

Maternity gowns are all a part of our Studio Wardrobe.