And Beautiful is What You Are

Sue and Dylan came back to the Reflections of Life studio with their precious baby girl, Rylan Brianna. Sue and Dylan had previously been to the studio for Sue's maternity session, where we focused on making Sue feel as beautiful as she looked. With the arrival of Rylan, Sue has the beautiful glow of a new mother. Our makeup artist Christine worked off of that glow to highlight Sue's natural beauty. 

With the arrival of Rylan, Dylan looks at his wife in a whole new light. He is in awe of her beauty and her strength. They both look at Rylan as though she is the only thing in the room. There is so much love between this new family of three.  

Rylan is beautiful to the core. Every inch of her and every tiny detail is perfect. Every stretch, every yawn, every smile is pure. Pure innocence. Pure beauty. Just like her momma. I know that Rylan will grow in confidence with Sue and Dylan as her role models. She will grow to see the beauty in everything around her, including herself. Sue, Dylan and Rylan, beautiful is what you are.