Finding Hope In The Darkness

Hope. It reminds us that even in the midst of darkness, there is still a light. With all that's going wrong in the world, there are still many things right. And that expecting and anticipating beauty is not outrageous but it is actually brilliant. It gives us fire for the days to come. And it tells us that the things that God has planned are actually better than we could imagine and even dream up.

You know those things that stir up hope in your heart.

Maybe the sound of laughter that seems to bounce off the walls like a song. Maybe the way crowds of Canadians gathered in their homes and restaurants for an important sports game. Maybe how in the midst of devastation, there is still triumphant stories, if you’ll just look for them, digging them up out of the rubble and noise. Maybe it is how at the end of the day, the stars still shine, the moon still appears, the sun will still rise again.

We find hope in the little things. We find hope in this God who never gives up. 

I see hope in little lives, in babies. So often, bring a baby into the room and all the heads turn with tender hearts. It is almost as if babies are bundles of hope sent straight from heaven. Like God Himself is sending us a message that He is still doing a new thing, still giving good gifts and still putting hope in our future.

And it is almost as if they have this softness and this innocence that in an instant can reveal any hardness I have in my heart. That if life has left any grit and dirt upon my soul, I know it when I see how they discover their world.

And even in their innocence, they have a strength that calls out to the same strength in me. That they are undeniably handcrafted by the hands of a Creator and carrying life within them simply because God breathed. And that all of their worth and beauty comes from nothing else but exactly that. They don’t have to work hard to feel loved. They just are.

Does that call out something in you like it does to me?

That doesn’t change the more we age. It is still true of us today. We are still undeniably handcrafted by the palms of a Creator. We are still carrying life within us simply because God breathed. We are still worthy and beautiful just because we are.

Just because we are made. Just because we are here.

About This Newborn Session

This is my fellow Professional Photographer and friend Eva Derrick's brand new baby boy Radcliffe and her nephew, Westin.

I was overjoyed when I received Eva's email inquiring about a newborn session. Not just because I was blessed with the good news of her pregnancy early (although I loved that!) but also because she's a very talented photographer, and she chose me.

Every moment with him was adorable, and I truly believe these images represent him and the little man he is becoming. xo