How Capturing Your Family Sends A Message To The World

In everything we do, we are creating legacy. In everything we do, we are writing a message.

Guaranteed, there will be days where we don’t feel that, but how we live our lives and the priorities we make create a declaration to the world. It's a message that declares what we believe to be valuable, what we believe to be true and what we believe to be precious. It is filled with our stories and our courage and those subtle nudges of advice; how we would do things just a little bit different.

When we make the time and place value on capturing our families, we are making a statement that family matters. As we give space for our connection to be placed on film, whether it's your five year old son giggling at your jokes, your husband looking at you devoted and strong, sisters running into one another clumsily and falling to the ground in laughter, that connection deserves to be celebrated.

Because I never want to forget the expression on my husband’s face when he looks at me, and I never want to forget the grins on my children’s faces that make them glow like stars in the night sky.

I don’t think any of us ever want to forget the bond, the love and the moments we share with one another. This connection, when you strip it all away, this is what matters. This is what counts.

It is not the long list of things we've done or have yet to do, it's moments shared and breathed and endured together.

It is the moments that build a family. And when we celebrate that, when we capture that, we send a message to the world that love is the greatest bond, family is the greatest gift and connection is always worth fighting for, always worth celebrating.

As I was creating this post I started thinking back to some of my favourite connective images from the past. I want to share them with you, and I pray that they bring you some of the same joy they've brought me, and the families of these amazing people. xo