I Pray That You'll Never Lose Your Wonder

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Keep Your Wonder

Stay curious. No matter what the world throws at you, keep your wonder.

Resist that feeling that starts on the inside of your soul sometimes. the one that tells you to hide or to cower or to stay under the covers instead of facing this life. Rather, keep your sense of awe. Guard it like it is treasure because that is exactly what it is.

It is treasure to see the world playfully, to know that you can move and dance and have fun with it. To know at the end of the day, this life doesn’t define you, it is just an adventure.

There are things to learn and to glean and to soak up. The sun can be danced with. Art can be made. People can be discovered. Anything that faces you is something to walk away from with more strength and grace.

Keep those eyes wide open. Watch for the beautiful things and the things that give you joy. Remember what really matters and as you both embrace and are embraced, feel that. It is a gift to you.

It is a gift to be loved. It is a gift to find the thousands of little delights every day. It is a gift to live this life out loud.

It is yours to take. So take it and grab it. Live with love and intention.

About This Newborn Session

This was an A Star Is Born session for the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital. The program enables parents to mark the beginning of new life and leave a legacy for your child at West Lincoln Memorial Hospital. You can sign up your baby by clicking here.

Client Testimonial

"I had newborn pictures taken by Karen at Reflections of Life Photography through the Star is Born program with the West Lincoln Hospital. Karen made the process so simple and made us feel so comfortable. She has a gift with newborns and is able to take the most beautiful pictures." - Adrienne Barclay

Behind The Scenes of this Newborn Session

My wonderful co-op student, Shannon documented these moments so you all could get a little insight into what it would feel like to be here at the studio with your baby. xo