I've Always Wanted You


I've Always Wanted You

I will never forget the feeling when I found out we were pregnant with you. It was as if my heart seemed to almost be lodged in my throat and anticipation started like a fire in my bones.

This entire time, I have wanted you. Yes, I was worried that I wouldn't be a good mom, but there has never been a moment where I haven’t wanted you.

There will be days that come and you’ll both wonder. You’ll wonder if anyone will like you, if you’ll be able to make friends. There will be days where you’ll wonder if you’re good enough, if you’ll ever get that job, if you’ll ever be noticed, if you’ll ever be seen.

There will be days, but my loves, let that never be a debate. You have always been wanted.

I have noticed every little kick. Every bit of swelling of my belly. Every sudden movement.

I have dreamed for you and prayed for you both. I will speak for you until that sweet moment when you discover your voice, when you stumble into your words, when we get to hear what you are really thinking.

I have thought of you more than moments can hold. I have wondered what it will be like the first time I see your faces, the first time I feel you against my skin, the first time I rock in that chair with you during the night.

I won’t always have the answers, but I will never stop wanting you. I will never stop dreaming big for you. I will never stop loving you both with my everything.

I couldn't wait to meet you, and now I already feel like I know you, since I finally felt your hands in mine.

You are both treasures and you will always be treasures.

About This Newborn Twin Session

Olivia and Emma are identical twins. They were born just a couple of minutes apart. Olivia's cheeks are just a bit chubbier than Emma's, and that was the only way I could tell them apart during their session. :)

Their gorgeous mama Jennifer is such an easygoing, nurturing mom. She is totally in love with her babies already. You can just tell by the way she interacted with them during the session - there's nothing she wouldn't do for those girls. She's my new mama hero.

Makeup and wardrobe by our wonderful stylist and makeup artist Christine.


View their gorgeous album design:

Client Testimonial

"Hi Karen, they turned out great! :) I love the pictures, they look amazing in their room. And the album is so cute. Thanks again for everything!" - Jennifer Durling