Kindness In Your Eyes

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Kindness In Your Eyes

Have you ever seen kindness living in someone’s eyes? It is almost like a subtle flame inviting you to know and trust that there is goodness in the everyday.

There is a warmth about them that sets your heart at ease. Sometimes when your eyes meet with their own, it is like you can swim in this tangible peace.

I’ve met people with kindness in their eyes. Whether in a brief glance or a long exchange, that warmth has set my heart ablaze. It was almost as if my heart could suddenly breathe a full breath or become completely at ease. As if simply because someone showed me kindness, not even in their words, but just in the way they looked at me.

Have you ever noticed that through people’s eyes, we are told so many stories and messages through a day? Maybe we are told that life is hard or life is sad. Maybe we are warned not to mess with them. Maybe we are judged or put to shame for something we did or in the way that we look. Maybe we are given hope or invited into celebration.

We are told all these messages and stories - some that are true and some that are not. It makes me wonder, what is the truth that I share with my own?

If they say that eyes are windows to the soul, I hope that kindness lives inside of me too. I yearn that when people find my eyes, they know a refreshing hope. I want my kids to find nothing but abounding love in these eyes that see them and see the world.

May our eyes speak of kindness. May our eyes speak of grace. May our eyes tell a story of hope that lasts.

About This Family Session

This beautiful Rebecca, Brian and their son Wyatt.

And this is our third session together! You can view his beautiful newborn session here and his gorgeous grandma's holiday session here. He's the little red headed cutie sitting on his Grandma's lap.

Wyatt is gentle, reserved and curious. He has such sweet, kind eyes. Also, he puts everything (including rocks) in his mouth and his smile will melt you into a pile of mush. Can't wait to watch him grow!

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