Local Business Features | K Krafts Handmade Children's Items

Local businesses are a big part of what make the Niagara Region an amazing place to live. I love driving through town and seeing which shops have updated their window displays and take great care of their buildings. There is so much available to us.

What we often don't see is the many businesses that are within people's homes. The shops handcrafting baby toys, clothes and so much more. Kaitlin's K Kraft Handmade Children's Items is one of them, and here's a bit about her.

"I am a stay at home mom who loves to craft! I have a supportive husband, two boys, and a girl and one on the way. 

As my children are still young, the majority of my day is caring, playing, and cleaning up after the kids. In my quiet moments I love to sew and create items, especially for children. I do the majority of my crafting in a bright basement bedroom, in a house nestled in Vineland.

I have always loved crafting including needlework, quilting, and sewing. I started creating baby items specifically when my second son was an infant. He sure did drool! I would make him bibs, and then started sewing different blankets and quilts for baby shower gifts. Soon after this close family and friends encouraged me to sell my items. It wasn't until after my daughter was born that I officially opened up shop!"

"When I was younger I always wanted to work in the medical field. Before having my own children I fulfilled that dream and worked as a Medical Laboratory Technologist and specialized in Microbiology. I decided to stay at home after my second child was born, a decision I have never looked back on. It has been tough at times but I find joy in the lifelong memories I am making with my little ones.

I wish I would have taken a business course or two before launching into my at home business. I would have been nice to have some business confidence to help propel me forward. I am constantly learning from other small businesses as I go!

My kids! A lot of what I make has come from the different stages that my children have gone through. I also LOVE fabric stores, I always come home with new energy and ideas.

Sewing is my yoga. I feel so calm when I am sewing, my mind is peaceful and all my worries and anxieties go away.

2 of my 3 little ones are still at home. If I have designated time during the day to sew/craft my husband is often home too to care for the little ones. Otherwise I save my work for the evenings when they are in bed.

At this stage in life, our free time is family time! We love to dance. Play in the yard, the garden and go for family drives."

Here are some of my personal favourites from Kaitlin's family session here in Niagara, Ontario, Canada. xo

You'll find K Kraft on Etsy. Instagram, and Facebook.


"I was blown away by Karen's work! Our family session was fun and spontaneous! She knew exactly what activities and games to play in order to capture the genuine happiness from our young children. We all know how fake "say cheese" can turn out! When the kids were done with one activity she had a new idea right up her sleeve. I can't wait to share and display the photos taken from our shoot!" - Kaitlin Schulz