10 Things To Consider When Booking A Maternity Photographer


There are so many beautiful moments in life that deserve to be captured in photographs and celebrated. Whether, you are holding your newborn in your arms or you are simply wanting to have treasured images of your family; there are so many perfect and important moments in your life to be celebrated. One of the most sacred and powerful moments for any woman is when she is carrying her baby, whether it is her very first or her fifth.  There is a unique joy and anticipation in that season that is not found in any other season of life. It is an incredible treasure when you can capture that feeling and have it forever.

Once in an entire lifetime will you have this season with this baby. Finding the right photographer who will tell your story well and capture your beauty powerfully is so important. Here are some things you'll likely want to consider.

1. Start Soon

By the end of your first trimester, know who you want to work with so that you can feel comfortable with the photographer when you show up for the session and don't feel stressed and worried that you may be missing your moment.

2. Think About Your Style

As you consider a photographer you want to work with, think about what you want your photos to look like. Look at the images of the photographers you're considering working with and ask yourself if their images speak to you and if you can see yourself in them. Know whether you resonate more with something artistic or simple, soft or vibrant.

3. Check Testimonials or References

Many professional newborn photographers have testimonials on their website, but you cal also ask for references from parents of other babies they’ve photographed. To make sure you’re working with someone who is committed to proper business practices, I suggest asking the photographer you’re considering if they’re an active member of the Professional Photographers of Canada.

4. Think Beyond Maternity

You will likely want to work with a photographer to do newborn portraits. Through a maternity shoot, you'll build relationship and trust and so it makes sense to continue with the same photographer. The more at ease you are and the more at ease your baby is down the line, the better the photos. Sticking with one photographer will make that transition full of so much more ease.

5. Find Someone of Experience & Expertise

The best way to know whether someone is a photographer with experience and expertise is by browsing their website and their past work to see who they have worked with and the maternity shoots that they have created.

6. Pricing

As you chat with one photographer or many, ask about prices including print prices and what each session includes. For some over others, this might be something that is really important to you in deciding and remember, this is an incredibly worthy investment.

7. Preparing for the Session

When you inquire, ask questions about how to best prepare for your shoot and the things you may need to bring or whether your photographer will have everything provided for you. In my studio, the most important thing you need to bring is you.

8. Consider the Personality

Another thing that can be super helpful in choosing a photographer is finding a personality that you can work well with and be comfortable with. You can figure this out through emailing or chatting with the photographer on the phone or even if they have videos posted on their blog or website.

9. Know What Happens to the Images

Be sure to ask about what happens to the images after the session is done and whether they are archived or not.

10. Choose a Photographer You Can Feel at Home With

The most important thing out of anything is working with a photographer where you can feel at ease and comfortable while also feeling beautiful. The more you feel at ease and beautiful, the better the images will be.

At Reflections of Life Photography, I want you to feel both comfortable and stunning. Because you are deserving of both of those things and there is beauty in this season of your life that is worth celebrating. When booking a maternity shoot with me, you have the option to also work with a makeup artist and see your images that very same day.

This season of your life is gorgeous. Let's celebrate it.