A Smile is Contagious


A smile. A smile says so much without saying a word. The universal sign for so many thing, all of which are good. Happiness, love, acceptance, understanding. It is hard not to greet a smile with a smile. The power of a smile is unlimited. A smile is contagious. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Jaime when she came to my Grimsby studio for her maternity session. Jaime has the most wonderful smiles. When you meet her, her smile instantly makes you feel welcomed and comforted in her presence. Jaime was a natural in front of the camera, and the images really reflect her inner and outer beauty. And the bigger the smile, the more relaxed the feel. Jaime's excitement about her new little one is apparent, and I know that her baby will be so comforted by her smile.

Jaime ordered a wall print of this first image, and will be a constant reminder of this exciting time in her life. I really love all of the images in Jaime's gallery. You can't look through it without smiling. The world needs more smiles. So I encourage each of you to share a smile with a stranger today because, after all, a smile is contagious.