A Dimple in Time


In the grande scheme of things, each of life's moments equates to just a dimple in time. Some shallow, barely to be seen, and others run deep. The moments that touch our hearts run the deepest. Dimples in time that define a life. Shawna came to see me at my Grimsby studio for her maternity session. We started with some pampering as Shawna had her makeup done by our makeup artist, Christine. This is such an important step in our maternity sessions because it makes mamas-to-be feel as beautiful as they look, and helps relax them before the camera even comes out. Shawna enjoyed this time of pampering. Christine did a lovely, soft look for her, highlighting her natural beauty.

As any woman who has been pregnant understands, in the moment, it seems like you will be pregnant forever. But once you hold your new baby in your arms, the memories of pregnancy become yet another dimple in time. The first image below is one that Shawna chose to be enlarged into a beautiful wall portrait. For me, this is one of the greatest compliments for a maternity session. Knowing that I created an image that not only a woman loves of herself, but that she wants to display in her home is everything to me. That image will forever remind Shawna of this amazing time in her life.

You will notice that Shawna has the cutest dimple. I can't help but wonder if her new baby will have a dimple to match. Either way, these are the moments that define her life as she begins her journey into motherhood.

MaternityKaren Byker