Girl Talk


Do you remember the days (and nights) of childhood sleepovers? The ones where you would stay up talking and giggling the night away? As we grow older, finish schooling, and start our families, those days become more and more distant. We still have our closest girlfriends, and make new ones along the journey but our conversations become more about the "right now" or a place to vent about our current frustrations. As busy women and mothers, it is not often that we get a block of a few hours to just talk. To share stories and dreams. To laugh without worrying about whether everything on our To Do list will be completed. Girl talk. It is good for the soul. Cari-Beth is expecting her second little one. Her husband surprised her with this maternity session. He wanted to show her how beautiful she is and give her the pampering she deserves. Such a beautiful and thoughtful gift because a Reflections of Life maternity session is good for the soul. It is a time for women to relax, focus on themselves and have a little girl talk. My clients are not the only ones who benefit from their sessions. Talking to other women, connecting on so many levels, is one of the many gifts of this profession. Cari-Beth, Christine (our amazing makeup artist) and I shared stories, laughed and bonded. It was wonderful girl talk. Cari-Beth's maternity session was good for my soul.

The images from Cari-Beth's maternity session capture not only her beauty but her feelings of relaxation and bliss as she waits to hold her new baby in her arms. And I hear that her husband is so pleased with the images because they capture his beautiful wife perfectly. We captured ... Cari-Beth.