Waiting to Exhale


Meet Austin. Austin helps women breathe through labour every day. She supports them while they exhale. And at the end, she puts new life into their arms. Austin is one of the wonderful midwives at Niagara Midwifery. She has devoted her life to empowering women through labour and delivery, and is a true gift to her patients. I have gotten to know Austin through my work with Niagara Midwifery. I was also there to help welcome her son, Salem, two years ago. Watching families evolve from two to three to four and beyond is one of the greatest blessings of this profession. Austin is in the midst of her journey to a family of four, and I was able to spend some time with her and give her a little pampering. A maternity session with Reflections of Life Photography is more than a studio portrait session. Rather, it is an intimate journey that not only connects a woman with her new baby but with herself and her body. Our bodies, minds and hearts change so much during pregnancy whether it is the first pregnancy or the tenth. It is a beautiful, life-creating change that can sometimes be masked by the less desirable aspects of pregnancy. Expectant mothers often don't see the beauty in their changing bodies, and it is my goal during maternity sessions to ensure they see that beauty. With that in mind, Austin started her session with our amazing makeup artist Christine, who highlighted Austin's natural glow.

Once Austin was ready for the camera, we got started on our journey. I have worked to make my studio as warm and welcoming as possible. A place where my clients can feel comfortable, allowing them to feel more comfortable in front of the camera. A place where I can capture their inner and outer beauty. Austin is naturally beautiful, and we selected outfits that highlighted her perfect bump. Love, anticipation, excitement, and awe.

And now, Austin waits. To exhale and hold her new love in her arms. Thank you Austin, for taking me along on a part of your journey to a family of four.