Natural Light Photography Studio

When you step into my studio, I want you to feel like you can breathe. Not one of those fast breaths, but the kind that comes from deep within and refreshes your entire body. I want you to feel full of peace and at calm, where for these next moments, it is not about the busyness or about the stress.

It is about being here here, right now. Soft and soothing and sweet and slow.

I want you to lean back into who you are. Not performing or striving but just resting in exactly who you are. There is such a unique beauty that you carry alone. And that’s to be celebrated and to be captured. And so, that’s exactly what we’ll do.

And maybe I’ll get you to talk about what you’re passionate about, maybe you’ll play with your little one, maybe I’ll get you to tell a story, maybe we’ll think of the future – but most of all, we’re going to capture you being fully alive.

Because you being fully alive is magical. It is beautiful