What to Bring to Your Newborn Session


The season of life where you have a newborn is such a sweet and a learning time. It is the brave entrance of your son or daughter into this big, wild world. You're discovering their new life and all the details that make them unique while also finding things inside of you that you never knew existed. It will feel like a long and short season all at once; the hours long, but the days short. Once it is lived, it is lived forever. Celebrating these, having them captured on camera for years to come is an incredible gift; one that you'll go back to for an entire lifetime.

Documenting the moments of connection, of wonder and of their little personalities in tiny frames is a one-chance thing, but is is also a powerful thing. And so how do you walk into a newborn session to make the most of it? What do you bring? How do you make it easy?

The answer is simple. You bring yourself and your new baby. That's it, that's all.

I want you to come and spend time with me in my studio not having to worry about anything, other them making your baby happy, warm and safe. My job is to take care of the details, your job is to love your little one. And we'll capture that.

We'll capture that, so you can hold onto it for a lifetime.