Windows to the Soul


The eyes can say so much without ever saying a word. The eyes are the window to our souls. And when they make a real connection with my camera, an image is created that can touch the viewer's soul. 

Ashley came to the Reflections of Life studio for her maternity session. She is already a mother, and is awaiting the arrival of another little one who will call her Mommy. After selecting her session outfits from our studio wardrobe and being pampered by our makeup artist, Christine, Ashley was ready. Her comfort in front of the camera and her genuine smile make you feel like you have known her for years, while her eyes light up the room and invite you in for a long talk. 

Ashley is enjoying every moment she can of this pregnancy. She is so grateful for this short time that she has her new baby all to herself, yet is eager to hold her baby in her arms. Most of all, Ashley is happy and full of joy. You can know all of this just from her eyes, as they give us a glimpse of her soul and her heart. 

Maternity gowns are all a part of our Studio Wardrobe.