In Your Daughter's Eyes


In your daughter's eyes, you are beautiful. You are strong. You are a hero. You are her mama. There is no one else that your little one wants to look at, to interact with, than her mama. The smile of her mama brings your baby happiness and joy. When you smile, she smiles because it is you she wants to mirror. 

In your daughter's eyes, you are who she will look up to. There may be times in life when she does not want you to know, but she is always watching you. You are her role model, her confidante. Her shoulder to cry on and her biggest cheerleader. And someday, you will be her inspiration as she embarks on her own journey of motherhood.

As mothers, we need to put aside our own insecurities. We need to be confident in ourselves and let ourselves feel as beautiful as we are to our babies. We need to get in more pictures so we can preserve more memories for our little ones to look back on. Because in our daughters' eyes, we are perfect.

Sweet Kaia loves her mama, that is for sure. She loves looking in her mama's eyes, and watching her every move. Kaia has the most beautiful smile when she is smiling at her mama. Photographing mamas with their babies is one of the greatest joys of this job. There is nothing like the love between a mother and her babies. It is the purest and most beautiful of all the loves.

And of course I had to show you Kaia's little short film: