Never Stop Growing

niagara baby photographer

As an artist and a human, I make it my mission to never stop growing and to never stop learning. It can be easy, and perhaps a little tempting at times, to fall into routine. You find a system that works for you and you stick to it. That is when you know you need to find a little inspiration.

I recently traveled to Fredricksburg, Texas for the Illuminate Retreat put on by The Motherhood Anthology. I traveled and roomed with my friend, business partner and fellow newborn photographer, Tamsen Donker of Creative Clicks Photography. Tamsen and I work together to bring fellow photographers the Poetic Posing guide. Tamsen was as wonderful a travel partner as she is a friend!  

The Illuminate Retreat was simply amazing. It was everything I hoped for, and everything that I had no idea I needed. Beautiful weather, a different scenery from Ontario, gorgeous models and inspiring mentors. Not to mention, just the right amount of me time with other adults who have the same passion as me. It is important for us to remember that it is okay for mothers and wives to take some time for ourselves. Do not convince yourself that you do not need it, or feel guilty when you take it. We all need time to ourselves to grow.

I returned home refreshed. I returned to the studio ignited. In a few short days in Texas, I grew as a wife, mother and photographer.

Mother's dress is included in my Studio Wardrobe Collection.