Simply Baby


There is beauty in simplicity. An everlasting beauty that is seen by the masses. As a photographer, it can be so easy to get caught up in the grande setups, frilly outfits and colorful accessories. To get caught up in the trends of the time.

But what happens when those trends fade? Do the images lose some of their original appeal? Or do they become harder to display with the décor of the home? While the images are fun, the little details of your baby often get lost in the mix.

When I have a sweet babe visit me at the Reflections of Life studio, I strive to create timeless images that will forever be "in style." Images that can be turned into pieces of art that will forever adorn your walls as though the décor was built around them. The only sparkle is in your little one's eyes, the only ruffles are the rolls in her baby thighs. 

Precious Hannah Dianne came into see me recently for a six month baby session. She was quiet and reserved, and took a little time to warm up to me. But that is who Hannah is right now, and I was able to capture her quiet, calm nature to create some beautiful images. I love the simplicity of each image with the only thing drawing in the eye is Hannah. Simply beautiful. Simply baby.